Welcome to the BuyCraft TehMinecraftHub Store! Please buy some of our products to support the server! N.B: SERVER MAY GO DOWN SO YOU ARE DONATING AT YOUR OWN RISK! Welcome to TehMinecraftHub official page. For access to perks listed in game and your chosen package please make your donation! Packages are listed in the tab above. After donating, please be online and have room in your inventory. It can take up to 5 minutes to  give you your items and title so please be patient. If you do not receive your product within 15 minutes, let us know via email at adserocraft@gmail.com Donation - Terms of Agreement: To be very clear, you are not just making a purchase. You are making a donation. A donation helps us keep this server running. Regardless of the terminology used by Buycraft and PayPal, it is a Donation! The permissions and items described above are a way of saying "thank you" for helping us keep TehMinecraftHub server online. We reserve the right to change the donation packages listed above at any time. We also reserve the right to make any changes to your playing experience on TehMinecraftHub server at any time. We rely on multiple plugins to run this server and they may not always be available. Please remember that you could lose everything at once in a raid. Be prepared for this and know that there is nothing we can do if this happens. No matter how you lose your items, We CANNOT "give them back". In order to avoid this, put your items in a chest that is hidden or in your faction and lock the chest or door by right clicking it with a sign. Donations are final. No Refunds. If you do not agree with the terms listed above then please do not donate. By donating you acknowledge that you accept these terms and conditions and are bound by them.

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